Maje' Vixe


2A maje 02 I am Majè, I am my own Image; the definition meaning "of a versatile woman" I rap, sing, dance, model, and act. I've always been blessed, born a talented person with multiple gifts, especially when I use to cheer, and hold those pom poms in my hand. As I came across my time to walk aross that stage, and graduate sadly my pom poms had to come to a temporary halt. Although one of my passions came to a stop, my musical art then prevailed.You can say modeling is in my blood. My mom started modeling at the age of twenty five, and even at a young age of twelve I posed in all of my pictures. I can remember as a little girl, walking around in the house as if I was on some type of runway. I guess you can say I had the little model bug young. As a young girl I loved to take many pictures, and still do to this day.Photoshoots are a fun, exciting thrill for me. I get to be creative with my different looks and poses. I have many looks, and styles whether it's my hair, or choice of clothes I wear. My look is wild, sexy, wierd, corky with a little bit of edginess. I would like to take all sorts of different pictures along with different themes. Being apart of this Industry for me, is all about a learning experience. There are so many more things I want to explore, learn and do. I am Looking for photographers to teach me that along with the model mentors of the world. Follow me on IG @pot_ledomdoll


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