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Club Paparazzi Live Performance


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Boxx 1 released his second mixtape, From Hell To Earth & Back Again in 2013 on DatPiff.com. To date, he has over 2000 spins on the site for both mixtapes. Here, the audience discovers Boxx 1’s musical versatility with his talents as both a rap artist and a singer.

Displaying his talents as a double threat, Boxx 1 serves a very melodic R&B sound on his first underground EP Unconventional Troy. Targeting the female audience, the music tells us all about love seen through Boxx 1’s heart. A must listen for all females young and old.


Album Releases

June 10, 2015 Release: The Grind - Wooded Hoods Entertainment/Manta Ray Records

Album Retailers

400 online including: Apple Music, Tidal Google Play, Android Store, XBOX Music, PlayStation’s Music Unlimited, Emusic, Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify

Current Singles and Videos

Releasied to Online Retailers April 2015– Single – Every Hood

Every Hood Video – March 10, 2015

Video – Live Performance

Past performances

The Luft Lounge – Washington, DC

Turntable – Washington, DC

Good Times Bar & Lounge – Baltimore, MD

5 Seasons Club – Baltimore, MD

Toney’s Diner – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Super Fest – Baltimore, MD

Fullerton Pub – Baltimore, MD

Club Paparazzi – Baltimore, MD

The Line Up – Washington, DC

*Some venues have more than one appearance

Additional Web Presence

Site Name                                                             Site Address

Woodedhoods.com                            http://woodedhoods.com

ReverbNation.com                             http://www.reverbnation.com/boxx410

Facebook.com                                   https://www.facebook.com/Boxx1

YouTube.com                                     http://youtube.com/boxx1allday


Soundcloud.com                                https://soundcloud.com/woodedhoods

WHE Blog                                          http://wooded-hoods.blogspot.com

Twitter.com                                        http://twitter.com/boxx110

DatPiff.com                                        http://datpiff.com/profile/boxx1




Boxx 1 has lived music his entire life. At the age of three, he began playing drums for a professional Baltimore gospel group named “The Whispering Spirits”. Seeing him as a natural talent, his family of musicians discovered that he was destined to be on stage. By age six, his singing abilities captivated the church congregation, giving way to continuous requests for him to sing and play drums at special programs and functions.

During his teenage years, Boxx 1, born Troy Rush, was introduced to the rap game by listening to his older brothers singing and rhyming about the life they were living in their economically poor community around the city of Baltimore. He learned the voice of music reaches the masses quickly, and wanted to tell his story. Armed with both a singing voice and rapping skills, Boxx 1 put his skills to the test and began making mixtapes. He began to put together his team of believers to assist him in reaching his goal of becoming a music artist. Together, they began developing his loyal fan base.

By 2005, Boxx 1 had attracted some of the local independent record labels who wanted to sign him to their labels. Trying his hand, he decided to produce a project to allow the labels to provide him with exposure. On a local level, the project was a success. Upon completion of his project, Boxx 1 decided to expand on his ideas and projects, and brought on a vast array of producers and collaborating artists to complete his debut album, The Grind. Released by Wooded Hoods Entertainment, LLC’s distribution, The Grind will be sold through digital retail giants, and played on internet radio stations all over the world. The album is set to be released June 2015.

Management Contact: Odell Lewis

Phone: 202/627-8557

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Label: Wooded Hoods Entertainment, LLC

         Alexandria, VA 22309


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