Wooded Hoods Entertainment, LLC



Who We Are:


We are a global digital distribution independent record label dedicated to providing music artists, models and actors with development, management, performance pathways to mainstream notoriety, and revenue generating platforms. Founded in 1999 by Odell Lewis, the label has grown to become one of the strongest support resources for local Virginia artists. WHE focuses its passions on all music genres, and utilizes a vast array of creative avenues to achieve crossover audience popularity. Our goal is to assist the artist in becoming the best they can be for their choice of career or project direction.



What We Do:


Over the years, we formed partnerships and relationships that encompass many forms of media, including Internet, radio, television, and global digital distribution. As a conduit to mainstream retail outlets, we have resources to over 400 online retailers all over the world. Our artists have been seen, heard and sold in major markets in many of our world's countries. The relationships with both independent and major record labels, in addition to collaborating companies, assist us in enhancing our artists’ music, image and exposure. Wooded Hoods wants all artists who want to succeed, reach their highest potential, and we strive until we make that happen.



Where We Are Online:


You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm and most social media platforms. Our retailers include Apple Music, Tidal, XBOX, PlayStation and Google Play, eMusic and 400+ more. For more information, or to submit your music, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Services we offer include:

Artist Development
Mobile Apps
Website Building
Global Digital Distribution and Sales